About Me

About Me....

I was born and raised in Smyrna, Georgia (Also the birthplace of Julie Roberts, the actress!) and have three amazing sisters. I am related to the late Shirley Temple Black and John Sevier (The First Governor of Tennessee and also whom Sevierville, Tennessee was named after.) Both of my parents died in their early Fifties and I still miss them both dearly everyday. 

I met my husband when I was only 15 years old, and we're still together today. (Who says young love can't last!) We got married on our 10 year dating anniversary so that we could continue to celebrate our same anniversary date. That date is so symbolic and special to us because so many couples separate or split up at some point and we never have. Not even once! I truly believe that we are 
soul mates.

We have always wanted to live in Florida ever since the first time we visited, way back in the mid 1990's. And luckily for us in 2013, that dream came true when my hubby's job offered him a transfer to Pensacola. Now we finally feel like we are where we belong, and are loving every minute living the "Saltlife!" (Hence the name of my Blog!)

We have no children, but we would actually love to have a child of our own and have been struggling with infertility for years. But we haven't given up on that dream just yet! We know that nothing is too big for our God! So for now, we just enjoy loving our four legged fur baby Dax. (Our 10 year old Chia-Poo).

Some Fun Facts About Me....
I love COFFEE, but during Summer I prefer a good ICED Coffee!
I have 2 Tattoos (A Small daisy and a Hello Kitty) And I would love lots more! 
I build EXCELLENT blanket and pillow Forts!
My best dance move is The Robot.
I can hold a whole conversation with you while making one eye, cock eyed.
I make the BEST pigs in a Blanket ever. (Ask my nieces and nephews!)
I like to pretend that I'm a real MERMAID whenever I'm snorkeling. 
I love to sing!!! A lot. Especially with my hubby. 
I have a strange obsession with things that have Pineapples on them. 
I'm obsessed with Sharks. (Shoutout to all my SHARKWEEK NERDS!)
My favorite colors are Turquoise and Black.
I still love anything Chevron print and I don't care if it's not "trendy" anymore!
I cry like a baby every time I see those sad ASPCA commercials with Sarah Mclachan talking about all the poor animals that need our help. (Damn her!) 
I love Mexican Food (And just saying the word Chimichanga!!!!)
Me and my sister Christie both wanted to go to SpaceCamp and to be Astronauts when we grew up!
I once had an accident where I bit my tongue in HALF and they had to sew it back together. 
I love Johnny Cash, The Dixie Chicks, and The Spice Girls. (In that Order)
Proud believer in Jesus Christ and what he did for me! :)
My favorite movie of all time is The Goonies. (Being a kid in the 80's as the BEST!)
I used to have a "gang" called The Goonies (Named after the movie, obviously) and we had a rival "gang" in our neighbor called "The Critters". (Another 80's movie) But we beat their asses once and they never messed with us again. 
I love Cupcakes. Way to much! 
I love and collect anything Hello Kitty
I'm pretty sure I would make an AWESOME DJ!
I love to make my booty "Slap" while I'm naked in the shower.
My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, etc)
My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to give gifts!
I love anything girly, sparkly, or glittery
Shopping at Target always makes me happy!
I swam with Sharks once in the Bahamas
I am pretty good Female Angler 

Well this list has become entirely too long and I have admitted things that most people do not need to know or care to know. So with that being said, it's time to say goodbye!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me!

And in the rare occasion that you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me at:




  1. So happy to meet you, Julie! :) Praying for future babies for you and your hubby!! Shopping at Target makes me happy too :) And yes, loooove Mexican food!