Monday, October 3, 2016

Kate Moss For Rimmel Rose Gold Lipsticks

A few weeks back, I watched a Sam Schuerman video on youtube where she mentioned a few of these lovely Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks. I love anything Rose Gold, so the packaging just screamed to me and the three nude shades that Sam had were also the exact type of shades that I love to wear. So I went out on a hunt for these beauties and just could not find them anywhere, not even online! And even now that I have had them a few weeks, they are still no where to be found here in NW Florida. So I bet you're wondering how I managed to get my hands on them. Well, luckily for me, my blogger bestie HOPE from Beautyandbliss67 was able to find them for me in her hometown in Kentucky. So she was kind enough to buy these three for me and put them in the Fall swap box she sent me. Wasn't that sweet of her? That's one of the awesome perks to having internet friends around the world. Because if you can't find something you want, then maybe one of your friends can find it for you and vice versa...

This collection was released in the UK last month to celebrate this being the 15th year that Kate Moss has been the face behind the brand. They chose well with this bold and beautiful Rose Gold packaging and of course they had to add Kate's cute signature on the lid as well. There are 6 shades in this line that include three nude shades and three brights. Now that I have already tried out all three of the nudes, I am in absolute LOVE with them all and I am seriously thinking about getting the three brights as well. The brights are three different shades of Red and I think any of them would be gorgeous for the upcoming holidays. I found a picture to share with you guys so that you can see what the brights look like from 

                                                                                                 Photo Credit:

The three bright shades in the collection are:

Idol Red: A gorgeous Orange toned Red
Muse Red: A true Blue toned Red
Retro Red: A rich Crimson/Blood Red

The three Nudes in the collection are:

Rock N Roll Nude: A perfect Peachy-Nude
My Nude: A wearable Buff-Beige Nude
Boho Nude: 

These all have the classic sweet Rimmel scent to them that I have grown to love. And they also have that great classic lasting finish that Rimmel lipsticks have become known for as well. The texture of the nudes is amazing and I find that it is actually kind of hard for nude products to pull off such gorgeous pigmentation, but Rimmel hit a "home run" with these! They have a lovely satin finish that feels nice and creamy on the lips. They don't dry out at all, but I do have to re-apply after eating or drinking. But since these feel so great on the lips I don't mind having to re-apply at all. 

                                                                                       (Swatches done under Fluorescent Lighting)

#54 Rock N Roll Nude
#55 My Nude
#56 Boho Nude

                                                                                                            (Swatches in Natural Daylight)

                                                                                                              Wearing #54 Rock N Roll Nude

                                                                                                                    Wearing #55 My Nude

                                                                                                                Wearing #56 Boho Nude

While I am a fan of dramatic makeup or a good smokey eye, on me personally I really prefer a simple, natural look. So these nudes are perfect for the type of daily makeup looks that I tend to wear. And I can feel confident in wearing them at work too as they are very work appropriate. I think that Rimmel lipsticks in general are the best drugstore choice out there and they just keep on perfecting their formulas. Overall I am completely in love with not only the shades in this collection but also with the packaging. Well done Rimmel, And congrats to Kate Moss for 15 years with them! 


  1. These colors are stunning and I would wear all three of these!!! That packaging is screaming my name!

  2. Ooh I want a nude and I want that berry looking red.

  3. I almost bought these and now I'm kicking myself. They are SO cute. ANd thanks for sharing my post!! mwah!

  4. I love all 3 and need them! I love the packaging and like you prefer nudes and reddish brown shades.Def need to go check my local drugstores...I just bought a bunch of CP Ultra Satin lips and some are def out of my comfort I am trying to broaden my horizons lol

  5. These are such pretty nudes! I haven't seen these anywhere yet...but I will have to keep an eye out. I love the packaging.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  6. Rose gold! NEED! And nudes? Even better! Though those brights look pretty fierce. I'll have to see if I can find any of them up here. I only have one of the Kate Moss branded Rimmel lipsticks, but it is among my favorites. Rimmel just slays at the drugstore lip game.

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  7. I love the color. Such a great lipstick. I would love to try this!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog and my latest VLOG

  8. These are so pretty, and the packaging is gorgeous! I'm a fan of Rimmel's lipsticks. Definitely want to go look for the Rock N Roll Nude shade.